About us

Fedw Hir Eco Centre is an independent legal entity and work closely with non-governmental structures of the city and the region, companies and organizations, Regional Chamber of Commerce of the country, branch organizations, other licensed training centers, universities, vocational schools and schools. The license covers 70 professions and 105 specialties.
Fedw Hir Eco Centre offer training in professional fields:
tourism, economy, light industry, construction, forestry, foreign language training, computer training, cosmetics and hairdressing, motivational training, training applications of employers for training and retraining, short courses for part of profession, individual training, seminars, conferences and others.
The Fedw Hir Eco Centre participates individually and as a partner in many European projects related to education, training and retraining of employed and unemployed persons.
Since its establishment Fedw Hir Eco Centre has trained over 2500 people in various fields and has supported their realization in leading companies in both the city and the region and abroad. The center has a team of highly qualified teachers with many years of experience in the specialties of teaching. Engineer - technologists trained in the field of restaurant managers and hotel managers - in hospitality, associate professors - all business and economics, computer specialists and engineers, construction technicians.